MCEP at Totem Middle School

Our Philosophy: 
Students are more successful when their parents are directly involved in the classroom and school experience.

Our Goal:
Further the success, created under a cooperative philosophy, and enhance the middle school experience for students.

  • Connect with teachers who are dedicated to using parents’ talents and abilities to enhance the curriculum.
  • Parent Coordinator(s) work with parents and teachers, notify parents of volunteer opportunities, and act as elected representatives to the MCEP Council.
  • Meet with the teacher and parents on a monthly basis to stay informed.
  • Annual auction raises funds for classroom resources.

Middle School Program Background:
MCEP has been a choice elementary (K-5) in the Marysville School District since 1995.  This model has proved to be quite enriching and successful for our students.  That success spurred growing the program into middle school grades.

  • A sixth grade class started at Totem in 2010. A seventh grade class was added in 2011.  An 8th grade class was added in 2012.
  • Our MCEP teachers are Language Arts and Social Studies teachers.
  • MCEP students have Math, Science and electives in Totem classrooms.


Research on Benefits to Student:
Studies shows that family participation in a student’s education has twice the impact on academic success as a student’s socio-economic status. An intensive family program like MCEP can have academic effects that are ten times greater than other factors.  Research indicates that when families are involved, students benefit in these ways:

  • Higher grades, test scores and graduation rates
  • Better attendance
  • Increased motivation and self-esteem
  • Lower rates of suspension
  • Decreased drug and alcohol use
  • Fewer instances of violent behavior

Volunteer Requirements for Middle School: 
  • Volunteer 60 hours per school year per child.
  • Supervise 1 field trip per year per child.
  • Attend all General Membership and classroom meetings.
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Presentation about Totem Middle School

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